The number of inquires I have been receiving from fellow systems administrators and software developers regarding how particular problems were traced down or corrected has been increasing.

Rather than simply continuing to respond to only that particular individual, I am going to make an effort to place a copy up here. That way the one or two other people who might actually be interested, can read it as well.

To start things off, I will be attempting to make viable posts out of some existing debugging postmortems and technotes. These are blobs of text which I had originally hastily scribbled down to train the junior sysadmins in my group at $WORK.

First up will be how the following pesky little bug jumped from invisible, to painful production problem, to fixed, in the span of about 90 minutes:

RHBZ 748471 When a semanage login record was set up using a group name and the number of elements in the group was too large, login programs failed to log in the user with the correct context.

The original short hand postmortem on this one is quite long (over 2000 words). It took significantly more time to write than it did to actually fix the problem. Hopefully it will take less time to add the requisite background information and scrub any $WORK specific details. Stay tuned.